This project aims to give practical support to those who feel not cared for and not listened to – and to do something about it.

The core project themes are:-

1 – it is vital to include and support the ‘have nots’ and ‘unlistened to’

2 – the UN SDGs (the Global Goals) are the most important plans for the planet and a core guide and yardstick to all we do

3 – Ideas for successful initiatives start with collaborative ideas and thinking


The unique support that is able to provide CVOSII organisations is to accelerate the precious, creative thinking experiences – using Thortspace – that can be shared, re-moulded and put into action across the world.

An additional major benefit comes in the form of fundraising opportunities – also via Thortspace.

If all of this seems a bit of a ‘do’ a Thortspace buddy is at hand to give a steer.

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