Why Are We Here?

So we can do useful things all around the world, mend past damage and put things together for a healthy long-term future … and be KIND

Who We Are

We are a group of like-minded people, dedicated to the improvement of our world. We achieve our goals by running projects that speak to people and help them to understand how important it is to be sustainable. Our projects are based around our three main goals of learning educating and enabling. Universalrisk itself is the brainchild of Edward Hoare; founder..

Why Universal Risk?

Hence The Name – Universalrisk

About those behind Universal Risk

Living in Brazil from 1968 to 1971, helping set up an environmental charity International Trust for Nature Conservation in the late 70s. Interested in philanthropy, charity governance and accountability, raising standards, social entrepreneurship, changing the world. Amateur ornithologist and wildlife gardener. Countryside pursuits.

Edward HoareFounder

I combine Thortspace collaborative thinking & simple hand drawn images, ‘Doodles',
a technique known as Sketchnoting
to ideate clear and concise storyboards
that deliver impactful visual explanations
unlocking opportunities for business growth
We Gamestorm HowTo engage your clients
Our Script; Your Voice; & My video
describes what you do for others
I am the Explainer Guy

Colin HornerDigital Doodler

What we are about

Our main vision is to create a long-term and sustainable basis for the benefit of future generations. We work to install the importance of being sustainable into the younger generations, so that they may understand their impact on the planet and help to reduce the risk of resource problems.

March 14, 2024


Saving time and solving problems
July 26, 2023

SDG Achievers

Supporting and amplifying the great work done by SDG Achievers and SDG Heroes. The purpose of the SDG Achievers is to recognise and spread the word about people and organisations…
Edward HoareHome
December 21, 2020


From 1977 to present day Edward and Universal Risk have hit many milestones. Here they are.


Exciting problem solving 3D visual thinking platform – beyond mind mapping and 3D mind mapping – reflecting more closely with how our minds work.

So again…Why are We here? 

So again…Why are We here? 

So again…Why are We here? 

So again…Why are We here? 

So again…Why are We here? 

So again…Why are We here?