This project is designed to help any of us define and make an image of the charitable causes we care for most – then take action and do something. It is intended for people, organisations and businesses.

Background – the first design for Care4most was made around the turn of the 21st century. At that time it was felt that China was going to be a powerful global force and that it would be a good idea to enable anyone there to define what they cared for most – then do something about it. The concept was applicable also to anyone anywhere of any background, age or perspective.

Aligning charitable causes with the most important plans for the planet (The UN Sustainable Development Goals) and a type of interactive, collaborative, thinking Wikipedia in 3D (Thortspace) is a great start point for any journey intended to make the world more sustainable and long-lasting – a healthier place to live in.

The arrival of social media has enabled the Care4most approach to be a catalyst for projects, assignments, campaigns, initiatives and movements – with millions able to become engaged.

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You can now get Care 4 Most on Android by clicking the button below: is standing by to listen and help.

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