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Collaborative Ideation with @Thortspace

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Need to develop an idea, concept or project with a Team? Ensure that your creativity never dries up by using @Thortspace Public Sphere to engage and exchange ideas

Thortspace is a 3D visualisation application developed from the concept of mind mapping. Thorts are expressed in words and images as nodes, linked via Paths. Like Thorts are Grouped, and Arrangements of Groups are shown on the surface of Spheres Here I show an example of a Constellation of Spheres:

a Sphere Constellation

Activating and sharing the Thortspace Whiteboard in a Web Browser:

the User screen

Here I Illustrate a journey through the Spheres:

Navigate and view the Sphere in 3D:

The power is the ability to communicate simply and concisely, for example:

Colin Horner 27 October 2021

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