Communicating with personalised messages and greetings in the new normal can be challenging. However the collaborative thinking and communication application @Thortpace provides a perfect solution

Thortspace is a ‘Second Brain’ where you collect your thoughts ideas and research The ‘Notice, Engage and Mull’ stages of the ‘NEME’ process advocated by Michael Josefowicz

Creating your communication method and medium is smooth and effective. Group your thorts and create the conversation flow in a Thortspace Arrangement

Arranging my Thorts before recording

Adding visual images in place of words is a methodology I use to help memory retention. Images are remembered long after the words are forgotten, and can frequently be used to aid recall.

When I have the Arrangement that suits it’s a simple process to record the screen and publish and share the message…

Finally the Thortspace Web Application provides the ideal platform to meet, share ideas and follow up…

Collaborative thinking with @Thortspace