Everything that’s planned starts with thinking and big plans tend to involve big thinking. Sources tend to be multiple and the same applies for the stakeholder groups involved.

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Again and again – for the sake of inclusion – there is a requirement for inter-group collaboration.

This effort to bring together different stakeholder groups with different motives and outlooks can be a challenge and involve directions that are diametrically opposite.

So – even once together, the ability to make effective communication possible presents its own complications.

Thankfully there exist many products are on the market that are able to capture the diverse words that are spoken and written.

However what is missing is a glue that can help encourage the very act of thinking.

crowd thinkers

Our thoughts can go in many directions simultaneously – bang – bang – bang. It’s a waste to lose any. This is where an easy-to-use thought capturer comes into play. able to listen and read. Every single thought is given its unbreakable circular container – rather like a cartoon bubble – able to float and move in any direction. Not only that, but every one can contain anything that can be thought.

It is possible to create a wonderful gluey soup cauldron that can be altered, copied, shared, viewed from different angles and presented to different tribes of stakeholders for subsequent analysis and action.

Wonderful – this is Thortspace. Free for use in any language, anywhere, online or offline and able to connect with any application of choice.

The big plan can survive and thrive.

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