Thortspace, the 3D collaborative thinking application, is the perfect ‘second brain’ to use for preparing, participating and engaging in post event conversations with fellow attendees to a conference. This week Oct 06 – Oct 09 2021, BNI the World’s largest word of mouth referral organisation, hosts their largest annual convention Online.

I will be using Thortspace for this Convention, and I will be sharing knowledge, learning, new ideas and projects with BNI members across the entire Globe from my Thortspace.

Let me explain my process:

Start a new Sphere, and collect some phrases (Thorts), ideas in a Group e.g.:

First Thorts…

From the initial ideas the thinking process develops, as we add further words, phrases and paragraphs and progressively build the StoryLine. Thorts may be grouped into concepts and phases, and connected using Path Steps, coloured for easy visual reference.

One of the major benefits of Thortspace is the ability to add separate Spheres, and Link or Embed these Spheres, to the Master collection, thus creating ‘Constellations of Thinking’:

Sphere Constellation

LifeLongLearning is a Core Value of BNI (BNI 7 Core Values) and a primary purpose of this Sphere Constellation will be to summarise my own learning, and share new ideas with Network Partners.

I engage in this shared thinking by publishing ‘Bubble and Blarney’ audio visual animated videos.

See: Explainer Guy Gallery.

Bubble n Blarney:

My Bubble and Blarneys start very early in the content build process, as verbal messages and affirmations to myself.

An illustration of this is the early planning BnB:

Reminding myself of the purpose of the Journey and the planning I will be undertaking before the Convention:

My BNI GC2021 Sphere Constellation will develop continously Before, During and After the Convention.

Forming the basis of future engagement and project work with Network Partners

Documenting the Thortspace NEME process

Explainer Guy – Learning on Demand 02 Oct 2021