Thortspace, the 3D collaborative thinking application, is ideal for planning and implementing business projects. A recent post, shared by Thortspace user Peter Jones, @innov8tor3, prompted me to create an implementation plan from Peter’s ‘9 Steps to Grassroots Marketing’.

Peter coordinates a social upliftment project for start up entrepreneurs in rural Africa, a legacy of the work commenced by Michael Josefowicz ‘Printernet Affiliates’

9 steps for Grassroots marketing, is the basis of a Zero budget marketing plan

My process commences by starting a Thortsphere by importing the 9 Steps into Thortspace :

9 Steps to Grassroots Marketing

Anticipating that a number of the steps will evolve into sub projects, I have converted these Thorts into ‘Embed Spheres’, creating a Sphere Constellation

Embedded Spheres highlighted

Explore the Sphere Constellation:

at a later stage in implementation, the embedded Spheres will be developed into the sub project actions

To re-inforce and remind I create a Bubble n Speak recording to be shared as On Demand Learning..

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