My weekly Journal of learning experiences from Creative Collaboration activities. Recorded in Words, Doodles & Thortspace

#CreativeCollaboration with Network Partner BlueWing Local verbalising and visualising how to grow your business by helping your customers find trust and buy from you Future proof your business by Mending your marketing…


#CreativeCollaboration with Network Partner Lichi Translations Translating the business value and culture into Visual Storyboards using the Extended Mind of @Thortspace Explore the Sphere #Martech

LifeLongLearning, sharing ideas about applying the #BNI Network Marketing Model. A 6 step journey to grow your business using word of mouth marketing in a Digital World. Follow & practice the 6 steps, namely:

  • Learn the Process in guided and self study modules
  • Implement the Process Develop your Value Proposition
  • Educate Network Partners in pitches & presentations
  • Build Relationships with 121’s
  • Review Results from your PTE Profile
  • Steer, Revise, Pivot etc your Value Proposition

Open this handy guide:

Applying the 4 P’s by Practicing perfect pitches BNI Network Partner @CharlesLuxford, Professional Singer and Vocal coach, also writes wonderful poetry I use these for daily breathing & speaking exercises

Researching #BNI Network Partner Mikhal Heffer, Lichi Translations, for collective collaboration – BNI Process Step #4 An interesting engagement with Ian Windle, 3 Tips for motivating team members. Mikhal adds a 4th: ‘Keep them Happy’…

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