Lessons learnt after learning a new language, leaving school, living in Brazil for 3 years, starting with no friends, family or close connections (1968 – 1971)

Back in the 60s – with no good idea of the world – Brazil appeared to be a country where people of all backgrounds and any colour were able to live together in relative harmony. Having asked my parents if I could learn Portuguese at school they sadi ‘yes’ and ‘sort it out yourself’. I was taught really well.

I managed to find a job in the Bank of London & South America in their Rio de Janeiro branch – and lived in that city for 3 years.

Having started with one connection who returned to England after my first week I was on my own. Total immersion ensued. New friends, new places, new customs and much more.

On returning to England in 1971 the Brazilian Rules of Life were written. They are still fun and relevant today over 50 years on,