My weekly Journal of learning experiences from Creative Collaboration activities. Recorded in Words, Images and ThortVlogs

A milestone in ongoing Creative Collaboration with Network Partner Charles Luxford based in Northumbria, UK.

Charles is a professional singer, singing teacher and vocal coach. He has also found opportunities to assist those experiencing difficulties with speech, whether singing or speaking, by teaching and coaching abdominal breathing techniques.

The collaborative thinking capability of @Thortspace enables Charles & I to work together Online, recording breathing and speaking exercises, and deliver to the students in ThortVlog instructional videos, and Online FlipBooks

Listen to an excerpt from the Bulman Carol on P5 of my Journal

A weekly presentation pitch #BNI Online Chapter meeting – ‘Mapping’ out the script in words, adding the #PhoneSketches, for the Thortvlog recording, and using Thortspace as my ‘teleprompter’

the Thortspace Group

Developing and delivering a Weekly Presentation for BNI Network Partner Peter Thompson BlueWing Local

Visualising the Value Proposition Canvas in a #PhoneSketch, and working backwards from identified customer needs “Taglines”:

BlueWingLocal 3 customer needs

From this picture the script can be ideated and created in Thortspace:

Scripting the Pitch

The Value Proposition Canvas Visualising the value proposition canvas see, as a process for developing the ‘Elevator Pitch’. To educate Network Partners we visualise the relationships between a Value Map of our products and services, and our Customer Profiles. Breaking each into LCD’s, lowest common denominators: Here is one example of a Thortspace ‘Constellation’:

You can read more about using LCD’s business presentations, at BNI Podcast 471 @ivanMisner BNIPodcast471

Flip through Motivational Quotations provided by #BNI Network Partner Manus du Toit

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